The Gouldsboro Volunteer Fire Company was established in 1946.  By 1948, enough money was raised to buy the first fire truck, a 1931 gear driven Hale pump Buffalo.  It was bought from Jessup Fire Company for $856. 
1956:  We bought the Odd Fellows Hall for $700 which was made into our first fire station.
1962:  We bought our second truck, a 1948 Seagrave engine.
1971:  With the growing community, we needed more equipment and more room so we purchased land and materials to build a new station a mile south of town.
1993:  We purchased our first brand new fire truck from E-One for $190,000 and purchased land across from the Gouldsboro Methodist Church.
1994:  We began construction on our new firehouse which is where we are today.
1995:  We purchased a refurbished 1976 CF600 Mack pumper from Hatboro Fire Company which became known as Rescue 55 and later, once our current Rescue was bought, it became Engine 55-2.
2003:  The Gouldsboro Ambulance Squad bought a Spartan Rescue which is operated by the Fire Company.
2005:  We purchased a new 3000 gallon Peterbilt tanker to replace two 1981 International tankers that held 1200 and 1500 gallons.
2008:  We purchased a new KME engine to replace our refurbished 1976 Mack that was bought in 1995. 
2009:  We officially purchased the 2003 Spartan Rescue originally purchased by the Gouldsboro Ambulance Squad.
2011: We purchased a 2000 Chevy Tahoe which we put into service in early 2012 for use as a command vehicle.
2013: We sold our 1991 E-One to Command Fire Apparatus and purchased a 2000 Pierce Dash from Burtonsville MD which became Engine 553.
2017: We sold our 2003 Spartan/Rescue 1 Heavy Rescue to Wyalusing Valley Volunteer Fire Department in preparation for the arrival of a new rescue.
2018: On January 12, 2018, we took delivery of a 2017 Spartan/Rescue 1 heavy rescue.  Special thanks to Clifton Township Board of Supervisors for their financial support to help with this purchase.
2018: On March 12, 2018, we took delivery of a 2018 Dodge Ram 5500 that will be used as a brush/utility truck.  Special thanks to Coolbaugh Township Board of Supervisors for the financial support they provided which made this purchase possible.
Life Members, Past & Present: 
To qualify for Life Membership, you must have made a significant contribution to the betterment of the company and have been a member in good standing for at least 15 consecutive years.
Year:  1986
Edward Aiken
Percy Bailer
Joseph Batzel
Richard (Dick) Batzel Sr.
Richard (Dick) Croak
Jacob Jenny
Leonard Jones
John Lewis
Andrew Major
August Perrotti
Arthur Rega Sr.
Roger Sebring
Ignatz Wrzeszewski
Stanley Wrzeszewski
Year: 1989
J. Joseph Hnatko
Joseph Ravina
Arthur Werner
Cathy Werner
Henry Wrzeszewski
Year:  1990
George (Doc) Laird
Year:  1993
James Kanavy
Year:  2001 
Richard Batzel Jr.
Chris Bensley
Duane Daggers
Eric Hansen
Robert Hnatko
Dennis Rinaldi
William Snyder
Bruce Unger
Year:  2003
Patrick Bensley
Year:  2004
Kevin Wilcox
Year:  2008
Raymond Unger
Year:  2010
Scott Carr
Carol Rinaldi
Year:  2015
David Miller
Year:  2017
John "Jack" Randall
Year:  2021
Denise Rinaldi
Kristen Schmidt

Past Presidents:    


1948-1950  Robert Barnes                       

1951-1954  Frank Fish                               

1955          Ed Collier   

1956          James Ludwig  

1957-1958  Henry Morgan

1959          Paul Walker

1960-1963  Edwin Matthews

1964          Richard Croak

1965          Leonard Jones

1966-1967  Thomas Kuchak

1968          Richard Batzel, Sr.

1969          James Sebring

1970-1971  Robert Carey, Sr.

1972-1974  Thomas Pearson

1975           Robert Carey, Sr.

1976-1977  Steve Pisko, Sr.

1978-1979  Robert Carey, Sr.

1980-1982  Arthur Rega, Sr.

1983-1985  Richard Batzel, Sr.

1986-1988  August Perrotti

1989-1993  Cathy Werner

1994-2002  Dennis Rinaldi

2003           Dave Fritz

2004-          Carol Rinaldi



Past Chiefs:


1949-1950  Harry Fairless

1951-1954  Edward Aikens

1955-1958  Stanley Wreski

1959-1961  Richard Croak

1962-1963  Stanley Wreski

1964-1965  Joseph Batzel

1966-1977  Leonard Jones

1978-1980  Richard Croak

1981-1983  Art Werner, Jr.

1984-1988  Joseph Ravina

1989          Patrick Doyle

1990-1993  James Kanavy

1994-1998  Eric Hansen

1999-2001  Chris Bensley

2002-2003  Tim Scott

2004-2005  Eric Hansen

2006          Chris Bensley

2007-2014  Mike Slowik 

2015-          Dave Miller






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